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Tangerine Confectionery Ltd is a company in the "Shops" category of NearIndex.com. In case that you are a resident of Blackpool, it is one of the spots where specialists will try to assist you within their competence. If you had dealings with Tangerine Confectionery Ltd before, just leave your comment on NearIndex.com. It will help other users in forming their private attitude to this spot.

Tangerine Confectionery Ltd is situated at the address: FY4, Blackpool, Vicarage Ln. Exact location of the place is: longitude — 3°1′28.24′′W, latitude — 53°47′51.04′′N. The phone number of this establishment is 01253 761201. To get extra information about this formation you could examine www.tangerineuk.net.

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Address: FY4, Blackpool, Vicarage Ln
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Kaelum Mould, 3 Dec’ 21
I have worked there through agency and I'm now training as an operator I really enjoy the job, however the agency I'm with keep under paying me not paying me for overtime, saying I'll get what I'm owed on Friday but then when Friday comes I receive nothing !! And when I try and make a dispute they try and shut me down, well I completely lost it today they owe me 227 pound and there not answering my calls not replying to messages! I'm seriously sick to death of asking for the money I worked for anyone got any advice ??? Would be appreciated as I'm not a mug I don't work for free I have kids, bills to pay for and to be honest I've completely had enough!
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Debbie Adams, 9 Sep’ 21
Am thinking of working here and trying it out has seen Jobs going on Facebook with agency then they said after 12 weeks it goes permanent if all aswell. Do suffer with abit of high blood pressure and abit of anxiety do want to get back out there to work. Just wanted to ask people opinions is it a good place to work
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Mark K T Stewart AKA Peanut, 4 Sep’ 21
I have worked for Valeo Snackfoods for the past 6 yrs. I love working 4 them and have done since I started.
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Tangerine Confectionery Ltd



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