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Millie's Cookies is an organization in the "Shops" category of If you live in Blackpool, it is one of the spots where experts would try to aid you within their competence. If you have dealt with Millie's Cookies before, you may leave your comment on It will aid others in making their private attitude to this spot.

To contact with Millie's Cookies peculiarly you can visit it in Blackpool FY1 4HU, Victoria St, Hounds Hill Centre. Geographic location of the organization is: longitude — 3°3′14′′W, latitude — 53°48′56.16′′N. Rating 4.2 shows that people are really pleased with services at this place! You are welcomed to call up here - so, please, use the phone number 01253 626727. To get extra information about this formation you may visit

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Address: Blackpool FY1 4HU, Victoria St, Hounds Hill Centre


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Chris, 20 Nov’ 21
Shocking service and won't be ordering again. Ordered and was told it would be received on Saturday for a very important birthday on Sunday. Didn't receive item and then logged in to track and was told it wouldn't be delivered until the Monday. Appalling service and won't be ordering again. My son is gutted that he isn't able to give this present to his mummy for her birthday tomorrow.
Emma Eaton, 17 Oct’ 21
Most definitely DO NOT recommend this place. After ordering a selection of cookies, the member of staff hadn't closed the box properly before handing them over. We found this out as the box came open and spilled the cookies all over the floor. To which the member of staff said "oh 5 second rule, if you don't pick them up we'll just put them back on display". Especially just after a pandemic but even just in general this is an appalling sense of hygiene! And when I asked for a new set of cookies I was refused. Unbelievable!
Lynda Corbett, 2 Sep’ 21
Ordered a giant happy birthday cookie on line,not from the Blackpool store paid £5 delivery for today thursday 2nd september and it hasnt come ,so disappointed,wanted it for tomorrow :(
Leah Bury, 25 Jan’ 21
Order online on the 19.01.21 paid £8 delivery for it to be delivered on the 23rd (sat delivery) as my anniversary is the 24th Got an email on the 22nd saying it was going to be delivered on the 25th - cookie arrived they left outside in the rain not only is it soaking wet but also smashed into pieces 😡😡
Paul Robinson, 13 Oct’ 16
If you have a sweet tooth or just want to grab a coffee and a snack on the go then Millies Cookies is the perfect venue

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Millie's Cookies



Blackpool FY1 4HU, 17 Victoria St, N16, Houndshill Shopping Centre
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FY1 4HU, Blackpool, 17 Victoria St
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