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Lancashire Cardiac Centre

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Lancashire Cardiac Centre is a company in the "Medical centers" category of NearIndex.com. If you are a resident of Blackpool, it is one of the places where qualified specialists would try to assist you within their competence. If you have dealt with Lancashire Cardiac Centre before, just leave your reference on NearIndex.com. It will help others in making their private opinion about this location.

Lancashire Cardiac Centre is situated at the address: Blackpool, Whinney Heys Rd, Victoria Hospital. Exact location of the organization is: longitude — 3°0′43.7′′W, latitude — 53°49′10.2′′N. Its rating on NearIndex.com is 4.7. You are welcomed to phone here - for that, please, use the phone number 01253 300000. To know more about this institution you may inspect www.lancashirecardiaccentre.nhs.uk. Individuals may contact with it mon-fri: 08:45 AM - 04:45 PM.

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Address: Blackpool, Whinney Heys Rd, Victoria Hospital
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08:45 AM — 04:45 PM
08:45 AM — 04:45 PM
08:45 AM — 04:45 PM
08:45 AM — 04:45 PM
08:45 AM — 04:45 PM
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Excellent care by an excellent group of medics. Cheerful and friendly all the time. Always has time to listen to patients no matter what about.
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Zoe Bothamley, 25 Mar’ 21
We just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to Mr Billal Petal & his wonderful team for the excellent care they have given my Dad. You all have saved my Dad's life & we will forever be grateful. You are all worth your weight in gold! The Broadbent/Bothamley family 💖
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Andrew Hartshorn, 4 Jan’ 19
Thanks to All the team at Blackpool Cardiology, they have never let me or my family down. Some of the finest cardiologists in the country. An impressive investment into the local area. If you are ever unsure about any treatment you receive from any Cardiology department in any hospital, ask to be sent here. If there is a problem and there is a way of treating it. Not only will they do that, but all the support staff make you feel comfortable and reassured that you are getting the best care.
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Lancashire Cardiac Centre


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