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Pro Truck & Van Recyclers

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Pro Truck & Van Recyclers is an organization in the "Shops" category of NearIndex.com. In case that you are a resident of Abbotsford, it is one of the places where specialists would try to assist you within their competence. If you have dealt with Pro Truck & Van Recyclers before, you may leave your reference on NearIndex.com. It will aid other people in making their personal opinion about this place.

Pro Truck & Van Recyclers is located at the address: Abbotsford, BC V2T 6J3, 2035 Queen St. Exact location of the place is: longitude — 122°22′5.52′′W, latitude — 49°2′23.24′′N. Its rating on NearIndex.com is 4.2. You are welcomed to call here - so, please, use the phone number (604) 852-9499. To know more about this institution you may inspect www.protruckandvan.com. You may contact with this company mon-fri: 08:30 AM - 05:00 PM.

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Address: Abbotsford, BC V2T 6J3, 2035 Queen St
District: Peardonville
Working hours
08:30 AM — 05:00 PM
08:30 AM — 05:00 PM
08:30 AM — 05:00 PM
08:30 AM — 05:00 PM
08:30 AM — 05:00 PM
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JV Drones, 21 Jul’ 18
It took awhile to receive help once I walked thru the main door. And then a while to find the big item that I came there for and called ahead to make sure they had in stock.
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Pro Truck & Van Recyclers


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